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Key technologies and equipments for 8.8 m intelligent super large mining height fully-mechanized mining face mining


YANG Junzhe

Author Unit:

Shenhua Shendong Coal Group Co.,Ltd.,Shenmu ,China

Key Words:

8.8 m large mining height; thick coal seam; mining all hight process;intelligent coal mining
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In order to solve the problem of full-height safe and efficient mining in shallow coal seams with a thickness of 8.8 m,through the comparison and demonstration of technical feasibility,high yield and high efficiency,resource recovery and cost of tons of coal,the first 8.8 m super-large mining height of No.12401 fully-mechanized mining face was taken as the research object by means of theoretical calculation,numerical simulation,field practice and engineering analogy.Through joint technical research of supporting heavy equipment,surrounding rock control,mining technology and information,a set of key technologies for 8.8 m super high mining and full mining were developed.The practice has proved that the adoption of roadway support,mining field pressure monitoring,triangular roof control,automatic pressurized fluid replenishment,anti-slipping,anti-leakage,mining technology,engineering quality control and information technology has ensured safe and efficient recovery of comprehensive mining.The selection and matching of the 8.8 m super-high mining and full-height fully-mechanized mining equipment can not only meet the production,support and transportation needs of the fully-mechanized mining face,but also significantly improve the production capacity.Compared with the 7 m full-mechanized mining face of large mining height in the same coal seam,the fully-mechanized mining face can recover more than 4.05 million tons of coal on one side,the recovery rate is increased by 20.2%.The research and application of key technologies such as complete sets of equipment and process for the 8.8 m super-large mining height key technology provides technical guidance and reference for the mining of extra-thick coal seams under similar conditions.

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October 15th,2019

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